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The health care hysteria is advancing apace. Just one week after the insurance industry promised to help Obama reduce health care costs, it is gearing up a deceitful, fear-mongering campaign to put an end to any change that helps consumers. Their particular target is a key plank in Obama’s plan, the government-sponsored health insurance option.

The usual suspects are adding supportive noise to this ugly campaign. Frank Luntz has created a number of talking points to help Republicans who are incapable of original thought. These include:

  • One size does not fit all.
  • Pay the costs you pay today for the quality of care you currently receive, OR, Pay less for your care, but potentially have to wait weeks for tests and months for treatments you need.
  • This could lead to the government setting standards of care.
  • This could lead to the government rationing care, making people stand in line and denying treatment like they do in other countries with national healthcare.
  • It’s a government takeover and Washington bureaucrats will be in charge of your health.
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    Blue Cross has come up with a series of illustrative ads that outright lie about the changes proposed to the system. You can see the story boards for the ads here. My favorite one is the doctor’s receptionist taking a call for an appointment from someone with the public health insurance plan:


    This corporate fiction has been debunked again and again. Media Matters offers a point-by-point analysis of Blue Cross’s lies and hypocrisy. Here are just a few of the facts:

    1. Blue Cross’s ads imply that the public health plan won’t cover pre-existing conditions.
    Fact: It is Blue Cross that has a long history of denying coverage for pre-existing conditions.

    2. Blue Cross ads imply that public health plan users won’t be able to keep their own doctors.
    Fact: Obama has stated this about the public plan: “First, the rising cost of health care must be brought down; second, Americans must have the freedom to keep whatever doctor and health care plan they have, or to choose a new doctor or health care plan if they want it; and third, all Americans must have quality, affordable health care.”

    As Media Matters points out, if Blue Cross thinks the public health plan will be such a disaster, then why are they afraid to compete with it?

    Blue Cross and the Republicans and Frank Luntz hope to put themselves forward as knights in shining armor, saving the public from losing the most excellent insurance arrangements they could wish for. They are a strange new breed of knight, fighting to disallow any options at all outside those the bloated insurance industry monopolizes, and to keep millions and millions without insurance.


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