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There has been a lot of gum flapping about the secessionist “movement.” What a thoughtful, intelligent, community-oriented, and patriotic bunch those people are. And so diverse!

Digby describes their atavistic craziness in today’s blog:

. . . it’s an old old strain in American politics that asserts itself when the Conservative Southern Party shrinks to its essence.(Conservative isn’t really the right word, of course, but it’s the oxymoronic label most people now attach to this political rump. These people are radicals, always have been.)

DailyKos did a poll to find out who is most keen on the idea of secession. Turns out, it’s the people who have been screaming about liberals being the “hate America first” crowd who actually hate America first.

Would you approve or disapprove of the state that you live in leaving the United States?

Approve Disapprove Unsure

All 4 82 14
Northeast 1 94 5
South 8 63 29
Midwest 3 89 8
West 3 87 10

Approve Disapprove Unsure

All 4 82 14
Dem 2 95 3
Rep 9 63 28
Ind 3 83 14

So, among Southerners and Republicans, less than two-thirds disapprove of their state seceding. Would you miss them? Maybe the quiz below will help you answer that question. Identify the likely secessionist among the pairs pictured below.



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Justice Scalia recently scoffed at the idea, at an Institute of American and Talmudic Law conference, that it is a problem when corporations and others can use technology to collect huge amounts of an individual’s personal information by following his or her online actions.

“I don’t find that particularly offensive,” he said. “I don’t find it a secret what I buy, unless it’s shameful.”

Fordham University Law Professor Joel Reidenberg, who teaches a class on Information Privacy Law, seems to have taken that as a challenge. To demonstrate the wealth of personal information available on the web, Reidenberg has made it a regular feature of his course to have students find everything they can about their professor online.

But this year he asked them to cast their web nets over Justice Scalia. His class collected a 15-page dossier on Scalia, including his home address, the value of his home, his phone number, his favorite movies and foods, his wife’s e-mail address, and family photos.

Well, now they’ve done it. Scalia is pissed. In Above the Law he expressed his displeasure:

It is not a rare phenomenon that what is legal may also be quite irresponsible. That appears in the First Amendment context all the time. What can be said often should not be said. Prof. Reidenberg’s exercise is an example of perfectly legal, abominably poor judgment. Since he was not teaching a course in judgment, I presume he felt no responsibility to display any.

It’s no wonder he is so miffed. I would be, too, if pictures like these were unveiled to the world.





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A becoming modesty.


This pooch is keeping his junk covered up, even while napping. It’s not because a lusty Labradoodle has worn him out with incessant demands for love. And it’s not because he’s taken the Silver Ring purity pledge. The cause for the cover up is revealed in the affidavit below.

This is an actual demand to be released from jury duty by one Erik Slye. What a great citizen. The whole story can be read at Smoking Gun.


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